About Jori & Amy

Friends, colleagues, and 30 someones with an incredible amount of stories to tell. Jori and Amy started the Don’t Tell Me What To Do podcast as a response to navigating the enormous amount of advice they’ve received throughout their lives — especially in this decade of life.

Jori Saeger
Jori is a PNWer to her core. By day she’s a technology marketer — with a passion for changing the future of work in the technology sector. But she’s happiest in the mountains on outdoor adventures or on Seattle neighborhood walks binging her latest podcast obsession (not ashamed by her love for murder mysteries). She’s inspired by podcasts such as Invisibilia, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, On Being, Radio Lab and the ah-ha moments when you truly connect to a fellow human’s story.

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Amy Kugler
Amy co-hosted season 1 and will be returning on season 2 as a guest.

Amy is a wife and mom of a rambunctious two year-old. By day, she’s a communications director for a Seattle-based startup. By night, she’s a writer and storyteller. Never one to shy away from a challenge, one of her claims to fame was singing for Sir Paul McCartney at the Kennedy Center Honors. You can catch her listening to every type of music under the sun ( especially 90s hip-hop and rap) along with Invisbilia, Pod Save America, Why Not Now? , Balanced Black Girl, and Forever 35.

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