Episode 2:7 Reframing Fitness to Longevity

Today we’re talking to Josh Hunter, Seattle strength coach and podcast host of Treat Yo Health.

We go back to the beginning and talk about Josh’s journey from management to fitness 10 years ago. We also chat about what he learned about himself through quitting the business and returning. We talk about changing our mindset on fitness to think about how we’re setting ourselves up for the future vs. exercising for short term gains. You’ll hear all about Josh’s new podcast – Treat Yo Self – and dive into the topic of his first episode on longevity and fitness. We dig into the difference between aging and decaying and how to promote physical health for the long term. We also dig into what Josh has learned through his podcast books and share insights on finance and relationships.

Follow Josh on Instagram at @thefitnesshunter.

Follow his new podcast at @treatyohealthpodcast or the website treatyohealthpodcast.com.

The first book of the podcast that we talk about today is Younger Next Year. 

You can listen to the first episode here: https://anchor.fm/treatyohealth

Learn more about our gym Fuelhouse that we talk about here: fuelhousegym.com

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