Episode 2: That Time You Ignored Your Family’s Advice

What happens after your say “yes” to entrepreneurship? Jen talks about the mess, the muck, the joy, and when you just want to throw a meditation pillow.

When the people we love the most give us advice, it’s pretty dang hard to ignore — especially when it comes to family. In this episode we meet Jen Hope, executive coach and badass fitness lady. Her “Don’t Tell Me What To Do” story spanned a decade of advice from trusted family members, and going against the grain helped pivot her to her current success. 

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Episode 1: Finding Your YES – with Samantha Willing

We’ve all had the feeling that others want to put us in a box — the mom box, the career woman box, the friend box and more. What happens when you don’t fit perfectly into that box?

Today we talk with Samantha Willing, an HR professional turned freelance coach and podcaster, who recently left her traditional full-time role to navigate life on her own terms. Listen to what happens in the grey when you take the leap and go for it. 

Listen to Sam’s Podcast, Imperfection Wins, or follow Sam on Instagram at @samantha.willing.

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The pilot episode of Don’t Tell Me What To Do is live! Hear more about why Jori and Amy, two friends and marketers living in Seattle, WA, wanted to start a podcast as a way to understand how people have the courage to make choices in the defining moments of their life. Stay tuned as we share a new Don’t Tell Me What To Do episode each Tuesday!