Episode 5: Bringing Black Girl Magic to Wellness

What happens when you look around on your social media feed and see no one that looks like you? For Lestraundra Alfred, it was a moment where she knew that she needed to amplify stories of Women of Color, specifically Black women, in the wellness space.

After building her online community with The Balanced Berry for almost five years, Les knew she needed to make a shift and tell stories of health and wellness for women of color.In this episode, Les unravels how this pivot to create the Balanced Black Girl podcast helped bring more clarity in purpose and mission for herself and her online audience. She also unpacks why it was somewhat taboo to go in this direction – and yet, she did it anyway.

Not only is the podcast amplifying new voices in wellness, but it’s also elevating the conversations about diversity and inclusion in today’s world.

Find more about Les and the Balanced Black Girl Podcast at balancedblackgirl.com. You can follow the Balanced Black Girl Podcast on Instagram at @balancedblackgirlpodcast and follow Les @BalancedLes.

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Episode 4: Navigating Anxiety & Depression by Telling Fear to F*ck Off

Building a strong community in a 24/7 always on, frenetic world isn’t easy. For Molly Kieland, creating a family that combined her love of strength training and a community that relentlessly supported each other was exactly what she needed to do at a time when she felt like something in her life was out of place. 

In 2014, she made it happen: shifting her life from the corporate world to creating FUELhouse, a community built around group strength and conditioning classes. Four years later, Molly had yet another “Don’t Tell Me What To Do” moment as she grew the community but noticed something about her own life wasn’t quite right. Identifying she was in a period of depression became a wakeup call that reshaped how she viewed her days and her team. Listen to more of Molly’s story and how her mindfulness practices and whole-body routines have had a ripple effect with her FUELhouse team and her greater community.

Learn more about Molly and FUELHouse at instagram.com/fuelhousegym and fuelhousegym.com.

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Episode 3: Ignoring Your Inner Critic

Sometimes the hardest advice to ignore is our own. Those internal voices that try to guide us in a different direction than we know is right for us. But when we push away our fears and insecurities, we can actually hear the true voices that matter and follow our truth. 

Erin talks about how this process of truly listening to herself led her to make huge life changes that ultimately led her to where she is today. We hear about her decision to leave college and travel for a year, to pick up her life and move to Germany, to start a hostel in Bolivia and ultimately her decision to walk away from it all and start something completely new.

Learn more about Erin’s empowerment coaching services here: http://www.erinmerrihew.com/

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Episode 2: That Time You Ignored Your Family’s Advice

What happens after your say “yes” to entrepreneurship? Jen talks about the mess, the muck, the joy, and when you just want to throw a meditation pillow.

When the people we love the most give us advice, it’s pretty dang hard to ignore — especially when it comes to family. In this episode we meet Jen Hope, executive coach and badass fitness lady. Her “Don’t Tell Me What To Do” story spanned a decade of advice from trusted family members, and going against the grain helped pivot her to her current success. 

Learn more about Jen and work with her here: https://heyjenhope.com/

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Episode 1: Finding Your YES – with Samantha Willing

We’ve all had the feeling that others want to put us in a box — the mom box, the career woman box, the friend box and more. What happens when you don’t fit perfectly into that box?

Today we talk with Samantha Willing, an HR professional turned freelance coach and podcaster, who recently left her traditional full-time role to navigate life on her own terms. Listen to what happens in the grey when you take the leap and go for it. 

Listen to Sam’s Podcast, Imperfection Wins, or follow Sam on Instagram at @samantha.willing.

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