Episode 2:4 Why Are We All So Burned Out?

Todays episode is all about boundaries — creating and setting boundaries in your work and personal life so you can focus on what makes you happy and fulfilled. But you can’t talk about boundaries without first talking about burnout. We usually need these boundaries because of the burnout we face. This conversation seems to be everywhere but we’re always talking about extremes — the extreme of burnout, and the extreme of self care culture to combat.

Today, we’re diving into all of this with Jen Hope, a leadership and executive coach (listen to her personal story on Season 1, episode 2).

We try to define what the heck burnout even means and how it manifests so that we can truly understand it. We dive into boundaries and how to first get a sense of your time before you decide what boundaries you need. We talk about shame and the shame you might feel in how you want to spend your time vs. how you feel you “should” you spend your time. We also talk about how to get to know yourself better with respect to burnout and boundaries and we share frameworks for how to communicate to others.

Follow Jen on instagram at @HeyJenHope and her website www.heyjenhope.com.

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