Episode 2:2 Fertility Talks – Technology, Ethics And Our Own biology

Today we’re talking about fertility with Alexa, a nurse practitioner that works at a Pacific Northwest fertility clinic.*

As IVF technology has advanced, women have been empowered to live their own “don’t tell me what to do” story when thinking about when to start a family. But sometimes this technology is advancing faster than our ethical standards. And sometimes this technology isn’t advancing fast enough to combat our basic biology.  Today we get into debates surrounding new gene editing technology. We talk about the controversial case in China this year on gene editing for HIV. We talk about who should be responsible for creating new ethical standards as technology advances. We also dig into egg freezing as well as advanced maternal age and mourning the ability to have your own children. Lastly, we chat about how it’s virtually impossible to be an anonymous sperm or egg donor and how this has changed views on what information we might need for our own spiritual growth. 

For more information or to find a fertility clinic near you, visit www.resolve.org.

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*Alexa is choosing not to share her last name or fertility clinic on this episode so that she can be as open as possible. All views are her own.