Episode 8: What To Do Next After a Breakdown-Breakthrough Moment

In this episode, we’re serving up real talk on anxiety and depression with Seattle strength and fitness coach Anna Clausen Williams. We talk about Anna’s “breakdown-breakthrough moment” during a yoga class that precipitated her decision to leave her acting career behind after the realization that her career was at the root of her anxiety and depression. 

Anna talks about how she got the courage to walk away from an acting career she had been building since she was a child and pivot into a life that felt more true to her. She finally asked “what do I want” and “who am I in this world” instead of asking everyone else around her.

What followed was her commitment to help others find their joy through movement and connect with the badasses they are. You’re going to want to lift some heavy shit after this one. 

If you’ve ever felt you might be living your life for others, or feel afraid to try something new, this episode is for you. We talk the hard stuff, but we also laugh (a lot) along the way. 

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And if you want to try Anna’s morning meditation she shares in this episode, save this image to your phone!