Episode 5: Bringing Black Girl Magic to Wellness

What happens when you look around on your social media feed and see no one that looks like you? For Lestraundra Alfred, it was a moment where she knew that she needed to amplify stories of Women of Color, specifically Black women, in the wellness space.

After building her online community with The Balanced Berry for almost five years, Les knew she needed to make a shift and tell stories of health and wellness for women of color.In this episode, Les unravels how this pivot to create the Balanced Black Girl podcast helped bring more clarity in purpose and mission for herself and her online audience. She also unpacks why it was somewhat taboo to go in this direction – and yet, she did it anyway.

Not only is the podcast amplifying new voices in wellness, but it’s also elevating the conversations about diversity and inclusion in today’s world.

Find more about Les and the Balanced Black Girl Podcast at balancedblackgirl.com. You can follow the Balanced Black Girl Podcast on Instagram at @balancedblackgirlpodcast and follow Les @BalancedLes.

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